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Awkward '80s Craigslist Request: Favorite Inquiry of 2023

After years of focusing on weddings as my career, I'm trying to break back into lifestyle and other portraits. This family hit me up on Portland Craigslist (I absolutely love Craigslist) and completely changed my trajectory of how I want to do photo sessions. Naturally, I kept things pretty traditional every time someone reached out. But in doing so, I limited my portfolio to reflect something normal. Well, no more! We're kicking the walls down and looking for anything new and unusual! More importantly, fun!

On another note! Though it's my dream to open a studio one day, this is only the 3rd set I've ever done in a photo studio (This is Cobalt Studios in Portland). I absolutely love it, and I really, really, really want to spend more time studying and practicing new styles of dynamic lighting, and eventually maybe take that lighting outside, too!

I'm absolutely in love with this awkward 80's theme, and I hope you enjoy it, too. Expect changes from my end. I'm tired of the niche, and though I love weddings, after almost 200, I desperately need to expand my horizons for my work life and creative mind. So, if you're reading this and you're in the Portland surround, hit me up and let's get creative!


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