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"What the f**k is up, Denny's"  ( Ref. )

(Note at the bottom)

A note from Michael (photographer)

This is a relatively new hobby, thanks to a music-obsessed partner and a close friend we met at a "mewithoutYou" show in 2022. The only live music I've captured prior to late 2022 was my hometown hardcore scene many years before.

I love the opportunity to practice my skills at a show, but more importantly, I love the excuse to take my partner, or my family to experience live

My eventual hope with music exists beyond just the show. I hope to eventually collaborate with the artists and crews. Musicians might be the envy of the art world, and I just like the idea of being involved in that network and my work being viewed.

No name, big name, It's not important. I'm seeking musician collaborations for live shows, conceptual sessions, or even candid sessions with bandmates (or bandmates with crews and family, the life surrounding the scene) before or after shows in Portland, Oregon or the surrounding area. 

Based on availability, interest in the genre, and/or project idea

Lastly, check out Arin, the friend who inspired this hobby. He's available for tours.

El Corazon, Seattle
Hawthorne Theatre, Portland
Roseland, Portland
Alladin, Portland
Moda Center, Portland

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