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Awkward '80s Mini Sessions in Portland, Oregon - Round 1

So, my favorite general inquiry of 2023 has inspired me and formed into my first ever mini-session event. Awkward '80s Minis! These photo sessions have been extremely fun, and at our first event, we were back-to-back every 15 minutes, and I was always excited to see who would walk through the door next. I think it's safe to say that it was an absolute success. We had individuals, families, pets... you name it. The vibes and aesthetic were so positive and on point, it definitely didn't feel like a work day photographing all these amazing people!

On a side note, we hosted this photography event in Cobalt Studios in Portland, which is Portland's largest and incredibly well equipped studio. With a ton of excitement, I can say that because of our community events and our belief in community over competition, Rose and I were offered to purchase the photo studio! On October 1st of 2023, we became the proud new owners of Cobalt Studios PDX. With that being said, we plan to host so many more photo mini sessions, whether Awkward '80s or otherwise, as well as photography education courses, workshops, and networking events!

As far as Awkward '80s themed sessions, we hope to have special inclusions for ugly sweaters around Christmas, something spicy for Valentines, and so much more.

We hope to see you at the next one!


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