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Whimsical Portraits in low key abandoned facility.

Model: Zoey

Being about the 3 dozenth time I'm trekked into this unnamed Portland surrounding facility, I'd never thought to utilize the low key stream of light that pours into the dungeon like lower levels of this urbex fanatics dream spot. But it wasn't until Oregon model Zoey had pulled the tulle into the stream that I had realized the opportunity for such unique lighting. Usually, if I see a stream of light, I toss some dirt so the light has something to catch, but the way the light dispersed through tulle was whimsical and game changing. Add a couple AD200's with red gels, a reflector, eventually a smoke bomb and a touch of photoshop and you're fortunate enough to make magic.


Notes from this set:

Light colored tulle is a great tool for dispersing light and has a smoky, magical effect with shutter 1/60th and under.

Backlight smoke bombs with colored gels for added dimension.

Zoey is a major badass.


Huge shout out to my love, Rose, for assisting.



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