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Studio Only

This page is dedicated to everything created in a photography studio.

Most of which, in our own studio, Cobalt Studios PDX, Portlands premiere photography studio, where we act as house photographer, hosts, and educators.

What we create in the studio:

When not shooting, we manage a rentable professional photography studio and spend the majority of our time managing, hosting workshops, and creating for fun there.

There are no guidelines as to what we will and will not create in our studio.

We do everything from walk-in passport pictures to hosting giant creative gatherings,

so whatever piques your interest will likely pique ours. We learn so much by watching professional photographers of all kinds and we don't stray from new subject matter, because every new subject is an an experience that can be brought back to our workshops and our community,

Whether you're looking for professional headshots, branding, family pictures, product photography, commercials, lifestyle, or something fun, we're game.

Booking a studio session:

Currently, all portrait sessions are categorized under the same investment structure.

 Studio rental fees are waived when booking our photographic services. 

Standard Portrait Session Options:

Simple Session


  • 3 final retouched images

  • Select from proofs or trust our judgement.

  • Typically 30 minutes to 1 hour

  • We will connect to find an ideal outdoor or indoor location

Full Session


  • 7 final retouched images

  • Select from proofs or trust our judgement.

  • Typically about 1 hour

  • Multiple backgrounds allowed

  • Great for variety


Presentation Session


  • 15-25 final retouched images including group variations and candid's

  • Additional images are only $10

  • Select from proofs or trust our judgement.

  • Typically 1-2 hours

  • Multiple locations allowed

  • Helpful for multiple poses, outfits, candids, or adding creative alternatives

         (double exposure,  shutter drag, etc.)

Rent our studio for video or photographic usage:

If you don't need a photographer, but you are looking to do your own creative project...

Click here

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