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Student Sessions

 Let's go on an adventure!

Though I most commonly shoot what the layman calls a senior or graduation session, student sessions can extend to students of any age or education level. I believe that most people would agree when I say capturing images of ourselves during the time of our educational process is very important. We are ever-changing, growing, and it passes by so quickly.  One thing is for certain, no year spent in this process of our lives will ever be the same, nor can it be repeated.

I love working with students and talking about their interests, their hobbies, their passions, and for some students, maybe even their hardships. Students typically have so much going on, especially seniors and graduates. I find great satisfaction from allowing my students to open up and feel completely at ease during their sessions. I recommend bringing parents, friends or anybody along to make sure they feel comfortable and I always encourage bringing a representation of their hobbies, as well as choosing the perfect location to suit their personality. I get all the "traditional" shots but mainly work hard to capture the demeanor of the student through the mood of the image. Catching the student in their natural state is of great importance, but for the parents of those kids who "never smile", I've got a pretty good talent for catching a candid with a grin (or even teeth) as well. Students are so passionate and have such personalities, which is why students are some of my favorite individuals to work with.

Below, I've included a portion of a handful of different student sessions.
I hope to shoot with you and your student soon.

Michael R. Ballard (Nilas)

Book your portrait session with us:

All lifestyle sessions include recommendations on both planning and posing. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and your experience seamless, so please,

don't hesitate to ask questions. We prefer natural light where possible, and dynamic lighting is available both in and outdoors. We often set our sessions outdoors or on-site, but studio options are available as well.

Student portraits are essential during these paramount moments in our lives. Although, sometimes dreaded. We guarantee this won't be. Our student/senior sessions are comfortable even for the most uninterested students. These moments are fleeting, so let's capture them in the best way possible. Just show up and we'll keep things laid back so we can capture the moments that make authentic memories to look back.

Below are our student portrait options.

Simple Student/Senior Portrait Session


  • 3 final retouched images headshot or 1/2 body portraits

  • Select from proofs or trust our judgement.

  • Typically 20 minutes

  • We will connect to find an ideal outdoor or indoor location (solid backdrops available)



Full Student/Senior Portrait Session


  • 7 final retouched images from headshot to full body

  • Select from proofs or trust our judgement.

  • Typically 40 minutes to 1 hour

  • Multiple backgrounds allowed

  • Helpful for multiple poses, outfits, or adding simple creative alternatives

         (double exposure,  shutter drag, etc.) ​



Presentation Student/Senior Portrait Session


  • 15-20 final retouched images including headshot, full body, and interactive candid's

  • Select from proofs or trust our judgement.

  • Typically 1-2 hours

  • Multiple backgrounds and locations allowed

  • Helpful for multiple poses, outfits, or adding creative alternatives

         (double exposure,  shutter drag, etc.) , or candid's


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