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Awkward '80s
creative studio portraits

Awkward '80s studio portraits began when a couple reached out over Craigslist for a photo session with their toddler. The theme requested was 'floating dad head" like the ones you'd see from those classic JCPenney photo sessions or the printed pictures hanging in grandmas hallway. The rest, as they say, is history.

Your future self will thank you for booking this portrait session. So, pop your hair up or split it right down the middle. Dust off that blue jean jacket or strap on that waistbelt. It's time to show that true potential.

These portrait sessions are hosted in our photography studio in Portland, Cobalt Studios PDX, and are perfect for families, individuals, teams, companies, and more. Pets are not just allowed, they are encouraged! Please don't be shy to express yourself and your vision. Our ultimate goal is authenticity and inclusivity as we aim to make people of all kinds feel comfortable in front of the lens. Bring your best (or your worst).

How to book your Awkward '80s portraits

Awkward '80s portraits are available as a normal session anytime or as a mini-session event almost monthly.

Normal sessions have extended time and yield greater variation. We can focus more on specific looks, multiple outfits, and getting the perfect shots down with more photo studio time at your disposal. These sessions range from $300-$600.

Mini-sessions are only hosted on specific days and are 15-minutes of actual shooting time, although you are welcome into the photo studio early for preparation. Despite the short time frame, we can accomplish tons of images and good variation in 15 minutes, but availability and some custom options may be limited.  These sessions start at a low cost depending on time slot and include a final image with the option to buy additional portraits or buy the entire photography gallery for $300. Check out the events tab to check on upcoming mini session events!

We can't wait to have fun and get weird at your Awkward '80s session!

Beyond the studio.
Themed Elopements!


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