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ISO: Alternative Creatives

Updated: May 17, 2023

Rose Gerber and Michael Ballard of Nilas Photography

Michael Ballard and Rose Gerber of Nilas Photography

Hi, I'm Michael. I am an alternative photographer in the Portland, Oregon area.

I work closely with my partner, Rose. We are a highly experienced professional photographer and model duo.

We are currently on the hunt for creators and creations to photograph.

In search of creators/Artists

We're on the lookout for tattoo artists, barbers, cosmetologists, bands, custom mechanics, sculptors, painters, artists in general, and just about any creator with an alternative vibe. We would love to capture you in your workspace or your creative element, capturing portraits and candid images. We can also plan something more creative if preferred. As long as we're capturing the essence that is the individual/team.

In search of the creation (Product)

What we're currently offering and asking for (FREE, tip, or trade)

But... why offer a free option?

Connect with us on Instagram! :)


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