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Sessions for the Pros

Let's get down to business.

Whether you're an agent, architect, artist, doctor, contractor, or professional of any kind, showcase yourself or your team doing what you do best and own your market with images that catch a client's eye and surely boast bragging rights.

Professional sessions can include portraits for individuals or teams and/or in-action candids of professionals at work. Rose and I work with every professional differently and assess and achieve the shots that they specifically need for their marketing, branding, and media presentation. These sessions can be completed at any location, whether it be one that I recommend or right in your place of business. Working with both natural and portable studio light ensures the ability to create awesome imagery in almost any location.

Let's get to work.

Humans and Headshots

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Branding and Product

(This is a new option that we are currently actively expanding upon and we're cooking up some images as you read this/discounts available)


You're proud of what you do and we want to help you showcase your passions. Your products. Your achievements.

That tasty vegan burger, stout whiskey pour, designer attire,
nerdy tech gear, feet pics... we're here for whatever you've got to offer.

We are a photographer/model duo, so if you need your product modeled, we've got you covered! We also host a network of models, so we can accommodate groups or various looks if needed.

Available to shoot on-site in the Portland surrounding areas or send us your product from wherever you are.

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