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Broken Lenses, Shattered Dreams: They Came From the River Gorge (now called Darchive)

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

We started hosting networking events, which we dubbed

Broken Lenses, Shattered Dreams

and our first meetup

They Came From The River Gorge!


First and foremost, the attendees and their work!

Rose Gerber 🖤

Model / Host

Hailing from Portland, Oregon

Michael Ballard (Nilas)

Photographer / Host

Hailing from Portland, Oregon

Chris Muro


Based out of Salem, Oregon

Cheyenne K


Hailing from Portland

AJ Taziri


Hailing from Aloha

Alexis van Vliet


Hailing from Portland

Sawyer Jolly


Hailing from Portland

Lily Clifford


Hailing from Portland

Eden Shrike


Hailing from PNW (Bellingham)

James Walker


Hailing from Portland

Chris Rivera


Hailing from Vancouver, WA

Desarae Kopplien


Hailing from Portland

Leann Anderson


Hailing from Portland

AJ Taziri


Adam Novak

Eccentric meat popsicle/model

Hailing from Hillsboro, OR

Zenna Nwokoma

Photographer and model

From Portland, Oregon

(A lot of SEO stuff here, but here are the details...)

Rose and Michael hosted an incredible photographer and model meetup in the Columbia River Gorge, just outside of Portland, Oregon. Despite the fowl weather, including stinging hail, the event had an amazing turnout with a group of talented and badass individuals who were ready to take on any challenge.

The Locations

The meetup took place at two locations, Rooster Rock and Latourell Falls, both of which provided stunning backdrops for the photoshoots. Rooster Rock is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts, with its towering cliffs and rocky beach. Latourell Falls is a majestic waterfall that cascades down a rocky cliff, surrounded by lush greenery and moss-covered rocks.

Fowl Weather Makes Devilishly Nice Pictures

Although the weather was less than ideal, the group of photographers and models were undeterred. They used the cloudy backdrops to their advantage, creating moody and dramatic shots that captured the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge in a unique way.

At Latourell Falls, the group braved the wet conditions, with the waterfall misting them as they worked to capture the perfect shots. The models were true professionals, posing and holding their positions despite the cold and wet conditions.

The Talented and Badass Group

The meetup brought together a group of incredibly talented individuals, each with their own unique style and approach to photography and modeling. The photographers brought their expertise in lighting, composition, and creativity, while the models brought their own unique personalities and styles to the photoshoots.

Despite the challenging weather conditions, the group worked together seamlessly, supporting and encouraging each other throughout the day. It was clear that this was a community of passionate and skilled individuals who shared a love for photography and modeling.


Rose and Michael's photographer and model meetup in the Columbia River Gorge was a huge success, despite the fowl weather conditions. The group of talented individuals came together to capture stunning photos in two incredible locations, Rooster Rock and Latourell Falls. They braved the elements to create moody and dramatic shots that showcased the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge in a unique way. This was a community of passionate and skilled individuals who showcased their talent and creativity in challenging conditions, making the event a truly memorable experience.


Rose and Michael couldn't be more excited to announce...

A quick note: Well, we've been discussing setting up a networking event for photographers, models, and those interested in the model and photographer community for damn near as long as we've known each other. In a first attempt, we ended up grabbing brews with a very... very small crew (not just ourselves, but CLOSE). When putting out feelers a second time, we were very heart warmed by the response.

The list of friends and collaborators planning to attend means the world to us, and if you're going, we want to say THANK YOU and that we are excited! This shit's going to be AWESOME!

Alright, let's get down to it...

What we're doing:

A badass assortment of Portland/PNW photographers and models are gathering at 3 separate locations.


This event will be held April 1st, 2023


Creating connections with new people as well as connecting with other creatives.


Rooster Rock: 12-2

(Chat and shoot)

Latourell Falls: 2- roughly 4

(Chat and shoot)

Punchbowl Social: roughly 4 until whenever

(Just chat)

Contact for whereabouts if joining late


Free for all! Embrace chaos.

What to bring:

Since the theme is open, bring anything you want, but there are no requirements. Some recommendations are rain protection, towels, blankets, makeup/hair products, extra clothes, props, shoot outfits, plastic bags, tarps/umbrellas, snacks, and drinks if you want.


We have very few expectations. The first, and most important, is respect. We have no tolerance for hate speech or sexualization, no speaking ill (unless the person is a danger to work with) of any creatives in attendance or otherwise. Do not touch models/anyone without first asking. We don't imagine the crew we invite will be lacking on this, but we just want to iterate that any lack of respect will be met with banning from future events, possible waterboarding and public shaming, etc...

Secondly, we hope that all in attendance are willing to wait one week before releasing material captured at the event, as well as tagging us and fellow collaborators.

Because this is our first meetup, we want to keep it laid back and, as mentioned earlier, embrace the chaos. As we move forward to future events, themes will be added. For now, let's just fuck around.

Contact day of/Questions in private

Michael: (503) 403-9096

Or see the IG group chat


We would love to collect images and BTS footage for videos, blogs, and all that.

If you're willing to share, please fill out the collaborator form below so we have all links and credits.

We can't wait to see you all.



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