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PDXSLAM, post-apocalyptic meetup for photographers and models

Rose and I attended Portrait Slam, a collaborative event for models and portrait photographers, for the first time at their apocalyptic meet-up at B&R wrecking in Portland, Oregon.

At the time, this was the most attended event that Rose and I had encountered, and it was overwhelming in a great way. Honestly, I took it kind of easy with shooting, and just hung out with friends I ran into, but still walked away with a really fun portrait gallery. The images here are just a handful of the pictures I gathered.

Whether an expert or inexperienced behind or in front of a camera, I imagine it would be hard to attend a Portrait Slam without gaining some badass portraits. Rose and I strongly recommend attending portrait slam to models and photographers of all experience levels.

Models included in my set:

The event was sponsored by

Lenses and Sponsor: Tamron

Floral artistry: @FlowersandHerb


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