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A testament of contrast and vulnerability (18+)

Updated: May 29, 2023

So, this shoot came up in a surprise, as my friend Eden (imaged) reaches out the day of stating she has a male model she'd like to counterpart with while visiting town. About an hour or two later I'm meeting Darrion at my address prepared to trek into the local woods. I'm so grateful that Eden reached out to ask, because I believe we captured something incredible. The light in the ferns was just right, and the energies given by these two were so comfortable. For some, like myself, it's very unnerving to be nude and vulnerable. For Eden and Darrion, they are not shrouded or plagued by a false sense of shame or misconception that being nude outside is wrong. Being nude, exposed to the elements is so beautiful, and the contrasts between skin tones and gender amongst nothing but bark, mud and fern were a solid testament to equality and expression of vulnerability at our base state.

Photo notes from this shoot:

In the photo gallery, there are two types of images. One is crisp, while the rarer few are blurry or somewhat ethereal. Stretch a pair of pantyhose or similar fabric over the lens to achieve this alternate look. To me, it sort of resembles certain kinds of film photography.


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