Have you been contacted or interested in working together?

We are always looking for intriguing subjects!  Whether we found you or you have found us, let's make some amazing art. We tend to be most drawn to people with:


Body Modification   Unique Features   Unconventional Lifestyles   Interesting Hobbies

But we are open to anything. The human form is much like clay to us, and with an open mind, transforming even someone who may consider themselves as "average" into something mind-blowing, eye-catching, and all-round wonderous is all part of the experience.


We are very down to earth, and always considerate of your comfort zone. You will never be asked to do anything you are uncomfortable with. We prefer to meet with our clients in person beforehand over coffee or a bite to eat before shooting and always welcome you to bring an escort if you like to both the meeting and session.

Please leave us a message through our "Contact Us" if you are interested in working together.
If you are not serious, please refrain from reaching out to us.




Flaking due to unjustifiable cause will result in loss of free collaboration.