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Family Sessions

As a father, a person who grew up in a large family, and a person who has spent a lot of time around a seemingly endless variety of personalities in people of all ages, genders, and cultural upbringing, I know a little bit about the ins and outs of different family dynamics. I love watching families together, whether it be laughter and fun or even siblings bickering. It's all relatable, nostalgic, and interesting. Coming home to edit a family session always puts a smile on my face. I get to show my boys the fellow kiddos I met, the funny faces I probably had to make to get their attention, and tell them all about the things I learned about a new family. Sometimes, if the situation is appropriate and discussed beforehand, I even bring my own family along for the adventure! 
During family sessions, I focus on photographing both posed and candid moments. I'm extremely patient with kids and I love to joke, play, and be goofy like I am with my own sons. I aim to capture every moment I can, capturing not only the traditional shots most clients seek, but hopefully some humorous, genuine, and artistic moments as well.

Below, I've included a portion of a handful of different family sessions.
I hope to shoot with you and your loved ones soon.

Michael R. Ballard (Nilas)

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